Written by: Skyler Dawn

Sometimes I wonder
 What exactly it is that I fear
 I am loved...
 Yet I'm still so afraid to trust.
 Is it the fear of not being good enough to remain loved?
 That what once was pure beautiful love will whither and fade as time goes by?
 Once the dreams is lived, once the unattainable is acquired,
 the thrill and rush of romance vanishes into just simple reality.
 The reality is... I am, a complex, complicated, unstable mess of random unpredictable emotions.
 It would take someone beyond strong, to be strong enough for me.
 How do you catch the wind?
 How do you console the crashing waves?
 How do you love... a wild thing like me?
 I'm unlovable
 Oh unique yes and interesting from a far off some may even find me intriguing.
 But once you get too close... I'm just difficult as a storm on the sea
 Hard to control, and after a while that interested turns into, exhaustion.
 Such exhaustion.
 Exhaustion of trying to chase something that is so afraid and insecure
 Who is torn between her own wild inclination and the desire to just be loved.
 To be held and safe and secure