Summer Story

Written by: Deepak Ahuja

Cruel Sun, heating up the matter,
The ray blades burning up the skin,
But something was holding me strong,
Some Shelter, I was feeling home within,

Flowers abloom, or at least in words,
For rest of the world was a desert,
This was the summer of my love story,
This was the summer that felt like a blizzard,

Marking its presence, the stage of this play,
Shining its name, was the bus’ bay,
And how I wished her bus never came,
Because close to me, that can make her stay,

But more it made me calm, it psyched her,
Restless of Sun, and of wait, we talked,
Though I was destined for someplace else,
Where we’re together, towards that path I walked,

Her eyes, her words, were working on the spell,
I lost myself in her, and found her in me,
The romantic novels, and the love sonnets, once invisible,
Were now those distinct Colors, which I can see!

The Coffee Mugs, the window panes, and the morning dew,
Everything looked beautiful, like never before,
Those 45 days of warmth, wrapped by her arms,
I never knew it was the only love for me in the store,

The heat got mild with the darkening clouds,
This story was ending and so were her college days,
I was high, on this flight with her,
But it was time, for this heart to return to its base,

As good as she made me feel, with her presence
She had to pass, like a summer breeze,
I wish I could hold her in my arms; for a moment,
If for a moment; forever, I wanted that moment to freeze,

The sky cried with me, that night
Few drops of love, poured in by the rain,
For some time I believed to have caught those drops,
Less a mild feel of touch, these drops finally drain,