Written by: Jamie Rua

How do you feel 
When I kneel 
At your beck and call 
You have it all 

Your more of a man 
I can't stand you 
You'll take my hand 
And split it into two 

I would never dream 
Looking into your eye 
The things I would scream 
The pain that makes me cry 

I would always say 
You are my only man 
Until this very day 
Not knowing where I stand 

My eyes start to swell 
I think I'm going bald 
I'm trying to yell 
My apologies I have called 

Please don't raise your fist 
I try to make it stop 
But you didn't miss 
To the floor I have dropped 

When will this be done 
When can I  begin to live my life 
Should I stay or run 
Run and grab this knife 

Now that  you're in the corner 
I have all the power 
This is your warning 
I am no longer a coward  

Surprised to see you crumble 
To see you back down 
Life was such a struggle 
With you always around  

I can hold my head up high 
As I stand up tall 
I feel like I'm going to cry 
But yet I gave it my all