Written by: femi joey oloidi

 I love my poem,
 it gives my girlfriend 
 goose-pimples and leaves poker-dots on her laughter 

I love my poem,
it gives my inspiration sexy pimples and leaves me with a gooseneck, 
because my girlfriend never gets tired of embarrassing me with kisses, after she’s done going through my poems,
this pierces through my soft-pitched hugs

When she’s excellently sad
I don’t worry to flash various colours of flowers
to make her happy
because my poem, 
has the astute to make her happy again like the smiling raindrops

When I adopt her sadness, 
I always get soaked in tattered emotions

she decoratively knows how to bow away my intense sadness

She simply recites the funniest verse of my poem 
this brings me back to a butterfly state
She’s in love with my poem
she melts in my poem
She keeps saying that my poem is the ruler of her happiness
and that I should never dare to stop writhing

Even If I have no more ink to feed my paper or inspiration, to water my thoughts, 
I should just keep writing in colourful tones. 

For my poem keeps her love for me,
shining and raising in colourful tones