The Manager

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

She supervisors the Salon with aplomb
Looking after her own clients with skill
Yet keeping a watchful eye on all
Trainees are dispatched to various duties
Computers crash but she handles all
Her skills as a hairdresser are renown
Yet her greatest skill is in managing her staff
With authority and yet with a lot of heart
Yes TV Guru Tabatha she would be so very proud
This lady does not need hauling over the coals
Eager to teach, to discipline, even command
Yet able to gain respect with any request
Hair swiftly swept off floor, clients seated
Clients constantly buzzing in and out as the day passes
Always a quick chat, and praising word to staff
Hiding her hidden frustration as much as she can
This is a skill she learnt through time and necessity
Coffee quickly dispatched, staff rushing back and forth
Without her enthusiasm no Awards would be ever won
This is her empire to the highest bidder she will not be sold
Yes, she is a Manager simply worth her weight in gold