Written by: RAHUL PRASAD


                                               BEAUTY OF NATURE

A JOURNEY MEANT FOR CLOUDS ....................It's up to you to decide........... 

waking up one fine day hoping to catch a new breath of life 
i see the crimson lights flashing in my face, 
the flowers that bloom fill my heart with happiness, 
there's nothing more that i need to satisfy my desires 

i wonder why this lifeless clouds hover about me 
are they a sign of the things to come, i shall never know 
for i am here all by myself hoping to find someone to show me the way to my heart 

i can feel you in my dreams, i live in your thoughts all the time 
it's amazing how this breeze takes me back into your soul 
i can be anything you want, be it a person or a thing you adore 
i always stay by your side, like a shadow 
protecting you from these gleams that block your way 
some people call me the devilish dwarf because of my nature 
but who am i, that's something only you can decide 
you are my guide and i just follow the path that has been laid before me