We will trust in You

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

You do whatever necessary to change us
To shape us to become the person You want us to be
You can put us through tests
Through trials, adversities, unwanted disappointments
Through thoughts, feelings, senses
Everything is at your arsenals
To accomplish what are needed for the good of us
Sometimes we understand it
And sometimes we question Your take
We wonder, puzzle, challenge
Everything that is beyond our understanding
But are we supposed to understand God?
Yours are incomprehensible, impossible, incredible
Unbelievable, unarguable, unexplainable
What You want will be done
What You will will take place
There is no around about it
It will come
You are amazing 
And You do wondrous things
We can’t understand it
But it will take shape like a grandiose puzzle
With things fall into their own places
We can’t help it 
But marvel at Your undertaking
Your hands upon all of us
Your will for mankind
It’s all in You
Intricate, delicate, complicate
You are in charge of all
There is nothing we do 
That You are not involved in
God we give it to You
You are so Holy God
So worthy, so incredibly wonderful
That we can’t seem to find a word
To describe You
You are 
And we love You
Thank you Lord
Even though we don’t understand it
We will trust in You