When love struck

Written by: Okwunna Steven. F. Chukwuyama

When Love first strikes...Your heart will burn,Your head will get dizzy,your stomach will churn,You'll start to get unnecessarily busy.You'll start to lose balance,The room will spin round,You'll start to feel like taking a dance,Your heart will start to pound.Plenty words in your head,You might even get lost in a whirl,Behold,when you lie on your bed,Instead of dreams,your mind will twirl.Love is so passionate,So beautiful and sweet,Without love,there's no life mate,No breath,no heartbeat.Oh love,it comes like a thief,And then cuts like a knife,It sweeps one off ones feet like the wave of the ocean,It makes the night gloom like it's dawn.It's a mystery;yet so real,It makes one really wanna express how one feels,Love is so profound and so beautiful,One might not be able to withstand the thrill.Oh love,why do thou struck like a sting?Your sound is so loud;like a BB's ping!!! Pardon me,if i love more than i need to,Because love is not just about words,but something you need do.