I miss you

Written by: Tiffany Rowe

I miss you
each and every day

And I wonder if
This pain will ever go away

Its been a year
Since you've been gone

But it gets harder
As time goes on

I miss being
Daddy's little girl in your eyes

I'm happy the time we had
Was filled with no lies

I miss you
So much it hurts me

To think you couldn't
be there to see

See me walk
Down the isle

To a man you have
known for a long while

Daddy I miss you
More than you will ever know

It is hard knowing
I have to let you go

I know you
Are in a better place

Oh how I would love
to see your smiling face

When you said
"Life is too short" 
That was completely true

I wasn't ready to let you go
That is why I miss you