Written by: Bruce Schuhart

Being bathed by sunshine showers
Is a vast array of wildflowers.
Swaying in time to a summer song
This field of color is a dancing throng.

They shimmy in the daytime heat
And move as one to a breezy beat.
Their petals are poised for celebration
And send out a perfumed invitation.

Bees soon catch wind of the scented air
And gather to sample the meadow’s fare.
From flower to flower they buzz and play
Enjoying the wares of the floral buffet.

Butterflies, too, join the revelry
As they float along so daintily.
Their confetti wings of airy mirth
Are bits of rainbow that flutter to earth.

Then the birds of songs and other means 
Lend their plumage to the meadow scene
With notes of joyous melody
They sing of the daylong gaiety.