The five pillars of Islam

Written by: Hammam Hamad

Prophet Mohammed(may peace be upon him) said:
Islam built on five:
1-To witness "There is no God,but God and Mohammed is a prophet of God"

2-To do your five times prayers(Alfajar,Aldahar,Alasar,Almaghrib,Alesha)

3-To give Zakat money (similar to  charity)

4-To fast in Ramadan month (To hold your self from eating, to remeber the poor, and to control your self and protect your self from the sins.

5-Haj Albait (for those who can).."Going to Becca to glorify and praise God "
God says in Al umran 96:
"The first sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah, a blessed place, a guidance for the peoples".