Written by: stephanie davies

I am a simple Soul
I do not ask for much
Been good to others,have a mothers touch

Honest and kind

is now so hard to find

yet wherever i go they follow
they make me sad,feel sorrow feel bad

I made those mistakes
they refuse go away
Maybe illl be-able to forget someday

Why do i deserve this cruel mental torture
surely i have been hurt enough in the past?

All i ask is to be happy
I don't want money or material things

Just a genuine smile and some wind beneath my wings

Yet at every corner i turn i see a face
That takes me back to a awful place

Please let me breath now
i am tired and old

want my last years of life with a happy story to be told.
no more tears no more ghosts
All i want is loving cuddles,that is what i need the most.

Stephanie Davies.