Written by: femi joey oloidi

O, come on!
roam back home
into my heart
my lemon beauty

Whom I met in Rome,
in a glaring lemon garden of beauty

O, come on!
don’t go round and round
in a common frown,
like a common clown

For your lemon smile
mellows down my melon anger
and continuously colours up my grey life,
making it,
greener than green,
whiter than white,
and sweeter than the sweetest 

So swiftly in love
I am,
with the lemon of my heart

And so shall it always be,
till the rude wind, 
strips nude in dryness 

While the sun,
searches for a lemon green winter coat, to protect itself from the rude cold

O, come on!
Lemon of my heart,

I will forevermore breathe for you, with you, and in you,
furthermore with the most uncommon lime of my love.

This poem is inspired by my comment on Soap Poetry. Thanks to Vienna Bambardieri, because I got the title of this poem, while replying to the comment she made on my poem.
Thanks a million Vienna.