One Last Thing To Say

Written by: Sarah Schnatz

If I had just one breath
Just one more to take
Before I find myself
At the golden gate
If Just one poem was left
Burried deep within my soul
Trying to express my heart
This my last and final goal
I'd tell my Mother this,
Thank you for your love
Since I wont grow old on earth
I hope I'm just like you above
I'd tell my father this
Please be good to her
And in case you didn't know
Your daughters love is pure
To the little sister
I hold so very dear
Keep your dreams at hand
For they're so very near
To the oldest one
To whome I've kept so high
I've always seen your beauty
It's on the in and outside
The one who has brought,
So much knowledge to my life
If it wasn't for you, Nanny
I would still have pain and strife
To the one I love
Forever mine you'll be
But please carry on my dear
I just want you to be happy
As I drift away 
on my last breath
Learn from my love
My joy, you can attest 
My life, it may be short
Here, in this place
But don't worry about that
My soul is now with grace