A Hypnotizing Crystal Ball

Written by: Sam Carl

The moon is a hypnotizing crystal ball. 
It sees your struggles and your hurt, 
and as it graces the glimmering night sky, 
it is silent as it glows.  
It shines the light on all the answers 
but only for a moment, like a dream 
forgotten in the first few moments of consciousness... 
It never rests, only guards you 
while you cry and while you wonder 
and boil and freeze
Everything is clear as crystal during the night. 
During the day, we hide. 
At night, we creep into who we are. 
We don't like to admit it. We're prideful. 
But as the moon is our guardian 
It allures us to the surface 
of our own hardmetal skin, 
and melts it into irresistable tenderness. 

At night we feel the most at peace. 
At night we feel the most beautiful. 
But at night we feel exposed and 
the most insecure.