Take Me As I am

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

Leave me alone please!
I can no longer tolerate your ways,
Take your silly advice away
And donate it to charity,
Instead of burdening 
My delicate and forthcoming mission
With long formed cultural habits!

I have reached the point
Where you must take me
As I come to you!
I will not learn new ways
For mine are already cemented
In trust and constant love!

Like a tree first planted,
The seed of an unwilling
New generation
Left wild to grow freely
In the unrestrained air
Of the wood possessed
By a non-earthly proprietor,
Saved then and molded
Into manageable bits,
Cast off for an eternity,
Dried out of all its moisture
And tossed into eternal flames
Which never die!

I cannot be planted
Into this ground again
And be made to grow
Like anything else...
Matters once destroyed,
Will not return
To its original form
Or in the same structure!

I am a man with a vision
And a clear mission:
To spread throughout the World,
The message of Love and Peace!
I am a single soul
Just passing through
Knowing that I will be back
In another life!

Romeo Della Valle-New York City