My Boo's Lullaby

Written by: Keneathia Brown

Should Just Huqq Yu Ghuddbye.! Bt iJust Can't Walk Away From Paradise.! Boy Yu Are All iReally Need In This Life.! And iF You Approach Me Just One More Time Promise It Won't Be The Laxt Time.!


Hey Boo
Yu Have My
Your My Sun In The Rain
Yu Brouqht Joy When Yu Came
How's Yo Family..?
Please Kiss Lil'Chase For Me
iKnow We Don't Talk Like We Should
But iHave To Admitt That Feels Sooo Ghudd
Wrapped In Yo Arms
When Yu Kissed Me That Night
That Night Under The Stars
Boy iHope Yu Understand
That Im Fallin So Deeply  In Love With You
Your Love Is All iNeed