Summertime Croaking Blues

Written by: Debra Squyres

The earth wails in cracked silence
 fissured with gaping yawns
 in the noonday sun.
 Parched smiles riddle the ground
 flaking off in a summer breeze,
 each a silent message begging for rain.
Grass is now served on lawns
 fried to a yellowed crispy crunch
 with a side of blistering sun.
Frogs that once heralded
 the arrival of reviving rain
 can now be heard croaking
 the drought-ridden blues
 ...............well beyond the midnight curfew.
 Their listless guests quietly sitting
 atop dried lily pads which now
 resemble shrunken toad stools
 listening to the hoarse-croaked blues.
Titled songs now being heard
 around the dried creek bed
 range from the one hit wonder
 “Parched in the Creek Too Long”
 to a new single now making its début
 “This Rocks Too Hot For Hopping.”
 No creek fee, just B.Y.O.W.
 (Bring your own water)
Written by: Debra Squyres
 With All rights reserved, on 7/7/2012