Lost without you

Written by: Joshua Torres

Losing myself in the mix of it all,
Feeling like I’m on a thousand foot ledge waiting to fall.
I despise the feeling of not caring, 
Is all this sorrow and emptiness worth bearing?

My eyes tear up in the thought of losing you.
I think of how high we flew.
Further than the sky and its deepest blue,
Only to have nothing when it was through 

I want to feel something more than this empty pit in my chest.
I did it all without regret and showed my best.
I feel like a million pieces of a puzzle, mixed and out of place.
I cant stop thinking of your gorgeous smile and your beautiful face.

I have nothing but this single pen and this lonely paper,
But I will play these words like a caper,
This dance of words are meant for you, 
Without your love, my life is askew.

I can’t seem to see passed the agonizing pain of loss.
It grows on me and spreads over me like a rock with moss. 
Shrouded in this blanket of sorrow I will keep hoping. 
Hoping one day you will be mine with no restrictions, just loving. 

I would be the one you could hold close when the nights get cold.
Just holding you in my arms would never get old.
And the one you bless with smiles on the bright sunny days.  
Laughter and love will be the gift to you, with my heart to hold for now and always.