Rabbit VS Snail

Written by: Richard Palmer

A snail and a rabbit,
Had a competition called,
The tortoise and the hare,
The rabbit a show off,
Look at my competition,
Ha ha ha,get outta here,
But the snail showed no fear,
Bam,the starters gun,
Starting blocks cleared,
But no matter how the rabbit ran,
The snail found second gear,
The rabbit hits over-drive,
In the distant he disappears,
But every time he stops to rest,                                            
Abra-ka-dabra the snail appears,              
50 meters from the finish,
He hears spectators cheer,
And to his disbelief,
A snail being thrown in the air,
Won't tell you the snail secret,
Give my word till death I swear,
Now the rabbit lives in a barrow,
Mocked by his friends he lives in sorrow...

                                                                     Lifes' race is not for the swift,
                                                                But for who makes plans and endure it....