TalLinda and ShorTony

Written by: Johnette Loefgren

     TalLinda and ShorTony

lived on pretzels and baloney.

stayed in northern Minnesota,

drove around  a pink Toyota,

 had two children named Miranda,

    Fed them on the back veranda,
         overlooking yesterday,
where they loved  to dance and sing
Christmas carols in the Spring,

      We took thirty seven cents,
bought a cat and paid the rent,
       Took off in a mini van,
   to try and make them understand
  that life is great in Butte Montana,
     or in Memphis or Savannah,
    But   not in Yesterday at all.

     We won't be back until the Fall
of parasols and red balloons,
       at twelve o'clock 
             or maybe noon.
So call me up and let me down,
we'll be back somewhere out of town.