Temptations Wanton Flesh

Written by: tristen temple

Listen no more unto these words I speak

Whenever they have been preceived as to be

Dipped into the tissues cup of bitten once agains, tainted truths....

Hear me sigh this breath aside deepened remorse

Within these pangs a fleshes amissful regrets?!

Turn from me if beyound my soul your eyes have met

My plague; my thorns; buried amid these broken bones

This slashing upon my face

Which from birth has maimed, that, my very world....

Servering  splinters aneath my own frailties a weakness 

Tantalizing to piercing innocent and beautiful heart's!?

But I did not ask for this curse I said 

As Paul once did many centuries long past

I pled with, "My Father;" remove such from my sorrows; poison

Oh that I would have been born a crippled or disfigured I pondered

Rather than to hold these temptations their scars....

Please, turn from me if within times vision you see

The sickles in carnals slaughtered

Rising from the ashes of its smitten burning pit?!

For all I have ever longed for; her love's paradox

I have watched crushed by the image inside, a mirrors reflection

Which buries it blade profoundly and unremittingly

Into shatterings why me paved heart....

A portrait thought pretty; melting, about its bidden pain

Since the days that I can remember; the crumbling of stars afore my sight

Dissolving my spirit into this crows foot cauldron

Of the bewitching darkness' very own brew!?

There is only one hope amid this life I find

And it shall never be found within this enigmatic skeletals body....

Break these fetters and loose these binds, "Dear God;" these orbs

Shackled; that I may live beyound the burning of this rotting corpse?!

So listen no more unto these words I speak

Whenever they have been perceived as to be

Dipped into this twisted tomb; a craddles repose

Temptations aneath, hades wanton and bloodied....