addiction-A Smear

Written by: Monish Bhatia

I failed in my life, lost all my fame,
I slowly slowly became ,an addict of cocaine.
I needed my stuff daily right at nine,
It gave me false wings, I thought everything was fine.

Hunger of my stuff, increased day by day,
It became a thing I couldn’t stay away.
I was losing senses by passing time,
Cops arrested me and assaulted for this crime.

I shouted, I cried, ”I wanna pass away”,
Cops suggested that de-addiction was my way.
Cops and friends, suggested for rehab,
After completing my rehab, I finally had a peaceful nap.

Running of your sorrows don’t opt for addiction,
I have been through this it increases your depression.
Insults and tauntings this is what you face,
It’s a nightmare, will never leave your chase.

My life came on tracks, after leaving cocaine,
I feel, I believe my time has came.
To push, to win, to earn my lost fame,
To erase this smear, addicted from my name.