Our Fairy Tale

Written by: Nicole Owen

There once was a lost  girl who was troubled and hurt,
She chose to be with a monster who was vile and curt.
She could not wait for the day when a prince would rescue her,
Never a thought in her head that this would not occur.
One day she finally opened her eyes and saw the light,
She made up a plan and finally took flight.
She ran and ran as far as she could go,
It wasn't her, but God who made her path show.
She made it to safety,to a place she called home,
Never again would she feel so hurt and alone.
Her family and friends stood by her side,
They were always there to love, listen and guide.
She summoned the courage to write to a prince she knew from before,
Knowing she had hurt him and he had every right to ignore.
Never did she think he had forgiven her and still had love,
She new right then that this was a plan from above.
Her love for this prince was still in her heart,
She new he was the one and they made a new start.
He was perfect in every single way,
Making her wish for forever and longer days.
The more time they spent the harder they fell,
She felt so complete while under his spell.
She gained his trust back a day at a time,
Never was he angry, but always loving and kind.
They talked about their future and they both wanted the same,
Deep in love they were and deeper they became.
Their story is not even close to being done,
Rather it has really just blossomed and begun.
Their story stops here until their next chapter in life,
Where he will be on one knee and ask her to be his wife.
I know they will be happy and their love will last for all time,
So sure I am of this, because this fairy tale is mine...
By: Nicole L. Owen 2/28/12