Written by: Louis Drago

   Judith was very intelligent, educated with high honors. Judith created a source of unbelievable knowledge through learning. Trials of Judith were not intellectual. Trials of Judith were emotional. 
   Judith had a strong personality... able to relate to different persons - good and bad, strong and weak, rich and poor. People from all nations could relate to Judith. People from all nations were encouraged and discouraged by their emotions.
   Emotions originate in thought of feelings. Thought of feelings can be conscious or unconscious. The key to understanding thought of feelings lies in the ability to understand one's perceptions.
   Judith's perceptions could change light to dark; laughter to tears; faith to fear; feelings of security to those of desperation. Trials of Judith held solutions in perceptions. Judith soon learned solutions by understanding her perceptions of every situation in life.

                                                       Louis Drago