Forever Love

Written by: Terry Bass

Once apon a summer's night, 
My restless bones began to fight.
I get online to ease my head,
 As i lay awake alone in bed.
I check my mail to see who wrote,
 I see a sign, from friendly note.
I click to read and view this page,
 I see my love who looks my way.
What beautiful eyes of hazel and blue,
 I stare deep inside my heart is subdued.
Our love was lost but now is found,
 together we are whole our souls are bound.
I missed you love where did you go,
 Promise to stay , i will never let go.
My love for you is strong and true,
 these feeling's i have are felt by few.
My heart and soul belong to you,
 I cherish each moment i spend with you.
I promise to you with hand on heart,
 to love you always and brighten the dark.
I lost you once, but never again, together forever,
 our love will not end.

I Love you Sweatheart.