just when you belive

Written by: alisa cook

 just when you belive your life is about to change.
just when you trust the good come's after the rain.
than you awake to the heartfelt pain ,the pain that 
came when you left me like the rain.
i loved you . care'd more than anything but you walked all over me
like i wasen't even there ,only needed me when know one alse cared.
you never felt the hurt in my heart or seen the tears that i cryed .
you just smiled and done your thing , never careing what was happening to me .
 you told me once you'd never leave me you promised that to me .
but the day came you turned on me traded someone who cared and loved you 
for your own life of pain .thinking that happyness out in this world you will claim .
but the truth is you know me by name the one that loved you and felt all your pain 
now i'm lost inside my soul . cause i belived in you and all that we hold ,but you crushed 
me this time to much i dont think my life will ever get over the hurt or the love that i shared with you . 
so i hope someday in this life you feel this pain and hurt that you put me though 
and relize i was the one that truely loved and wanted to be with you .