Hearts are Hearts

Written by: Juanita Warden

When someone gives their heart to you, entrust it in your hands
You need to treat it gently and always understand
That hearts are made of flesh and blood, easily broken when hurt
Hearts are known to run away, only to revert 
That hearts that have been broken, are sometimes slow to heal
And most hearts always have feelings that are deeply concealed 
That hearts come in many sizes, big, medium, and small 
But it makes absolutely no difference; it's a heart after all
That hearts are hearts, no matter what the size may be
They still feel the hurt, the pain, and they cry and make silent pleas 
That hearts will open up real wide, as if they have big eyes
Sometimes closing just as fast and acting in complete disguise
That hearts will sometimes fool themselves into believing what's not true
And hearts almost always suffers from the lonely heartache blues
That hearts can be tender, caring, loving, and cool
But hearts can also be mean, vicious, cruel, and make you a fool
So when someone entrusts his heart to you, always keep this in mind
Make sure that is what you want before you let it intertwine
That hearts let love inside with all the good intentions
Not ever anticipating any wrongful or painful interventions

 Juanita Warden