Written by: kerry singleton

 Kiss me before you say goodbye
 tell me all the times you've said you loved me
 I got my hair down baby, wind blowing it madly
 I feel so alive I beg you please don't leave
 we are like sweet honey, honey
 forever we were meant to be
 kiss me madly, if this is the last time
 kiss me baby with passion, let me feel your breath
 upon my lips, amidst the sadness
 for one last time, make me tingle and shiver
 hold me just till morning light
 don't leave me in this state baby I just want to play
 I beg on my knees, can't you see
 mascara running down, 
 smudge it with your hands, feel my tears, 
 baby I'm dying, kiss me give me fire
 I promise you baby your every desire..