The Pied Piper

Written by: Jon Arno

The Pipers coming to your town
please have the crowd come out     
The politicians pass the hat
then leave to screams and shouts

Their hearts are cold and very dark
they grin from ear to ear
I promise you they say out loud
behind the smile they sneer

Slinging mud and digging dirt
we see it with our eyes
Behind the scenes they plot and scheme
then fill us with more lies

Oh won’t you give me four more years
I’ll give you what you want
The band begins to play their song
God bless you then they vaunt

Their truth is not reality
we're at their beck and call                 
Their legions of hypocrisy
are portioned out for all

Oh Piper I am here for you
you clearly have my vote
I know I can believe in you 
my hundred dollar note