Step Into Me

Written by: Karen Owens

Step inside my nightmare
Greet the horror that lurks within
Come look in the eye of loathing
Observe the war I can never win
I must suffocate a sickness
Overpower and obliterate an ill
I have to pound it into nothingness
Let the devil have his fill
Still it thrives in the turmoil
Continues to live and breathe
Fights back with cruel vengeance
And like an angry ocean, seethes
I meld into its darkness
I turn my face from the prying sun
Try to temper the inner emptiness
Fight the urge to run

Step inside my prison
Slip through the open door
Come hear desperation wailing
Open your ears to its unearthly roar
I need to silence its shrill vibrato
Quieten its bitter song
I have to erase its caustic chorus
Prevent it preaching to the throng
But it won't be hushed
And it won't be made still
It soars ever louder
Echoing around me with renewed will
Chains can no longer contain it
It demands to be set free
It wants out of the cloying darkness
All I have to do is be me

Step inside my secret.
Break down its invisible wall
Here dare you acknowledge and accept me
Can you allow me to stumble but not to fall
Will you help chase away the bad dreams
Stand up to the faceless foe
Will you continue to walk beside
Tread the path many will fear to go
Will you usher in the daylight
Bathe me in the warmth of the sun
Will you turn away the cold night
When this long day is done
Could you one day forgive
Could you help set me free
And will you please, please
Never stop loving me

Step inside my soul
Through the door thrown open wide
Gone the rage and ugliness
Borne away on an ebbing tide.
Still now the ocean
The calm after the storm
Dawn has banished the shadows
Light and life reborn
Step into my heart
Tell me what do you see
Now only what is real
What now is truly me.
It's open now and searching
It's reaching out to you,
It's softly sings your name
It's voice forever true
So if you think you could love me
Step into me