the source

Written by: Frederick Lokko

Man was made of clay
and the breath of God
our very essence day by 
with every breath
every word
we renew our spirit
with every word we send
a bit of our breath at the 
our words are spirits
because our spirit is 
made up of breath.
Breathing in and out
tapping into the soul of 
the universe.
With its endless flow
connected to everything
everything we can do
every desire of the heart
every thought of the 
Its connected to the soul 
of the universe.
We are at one with every 
living creature
every living creature is at 
one with the
The elements is at one 
with the soul of the
Which was made by the 
Without connection with 
the universe we are
nothing but empty 
without the breath of life 
our essence seem
to disappear.
From the source we live.
Without the connection 
we cease to exist.
That's why we can't do 
without air
cos our lungs are the 
vessel that enables the
the connection to be one.
One with everything.