What You'll Get In The end

Written by: Mark Russell

I remember when life seems so easy,
Care free moments, just sunny and breezy.
Now there is not enough hours in a day,
Often I find myself having little to say.

I work so much I forget how to live,
There seems no reward for all that I give.
I always remember there shall be more hope,
Giving me purpose and all the tools to cope.

The days get longer and nights are worse.
I seek happiness and look for a source.
I always believe it can be better than this,
As the sky glows orange it fills me with bliss.

`I search for peace when none can be found,
I listen closely to each and every sound.
So much happens and slowly fades away,
I seem to get lost in those shades of gray.

I think to myself I need to see all I get,
Just because it’s not here it may be yet.
I look to the horizon as the sun goes down low,
I see so many things just to watch them all go.

Still this is better than nothing at all,
They say the descent is worse than the fall.
I want something more so I try once again,
You will never know what you’ll get in the end.