finding a better way

Written by: louis rams


So many disappointments that I have from day to day
If I could make a change - I’d find  a better way.
I would have made my dreams -long before my teens
Then I would have known what to do
And I would follow through.

But my dreams came in my older years
And that is when you have doubts and fears.
They say with age you build confidence.
That is not always true.
As you get older you don’t know what to do.

This is the age of computers - and technology 
Is reaching heights
You don’t know who to turn to
Or how to even fight.

I know that education is so much more advanced
So put your mind to it 
You may not get another chance.

Set that goal in your mind
Don’t let that dream fall behind
Don’t stop yourself before you’ve even begun
You can do it - you’re the only one.

Visualize that dream in your mind
Then it won’t be so hard to find.
Like a baby - you must first learn to crawl
Then walk , then run, and you will see
That it will come.

So many dreams have been left 
On the wayside road of life
That when they recall
They have to struggle and fight.