Written by: Briana Lynn Minard-Adler

I am so dizzy,
My eyes are a glaze,
As these memories,
They flood my brain.
Memories of you & I,
Memories that should not be forgotten,
Memories to remind you that I am here for you no matter what.
Memories I can't get outta my head,
Memories that I hope get stuck there forever.
Memories that you were my first best and only friend,
For the others betrayed me,
It hurt yes, but not as much,
As it did when you moved away,
As it does, when I remember all the time we had together,
It was so short, and I didn't want it to end,
But everyone experiences agoning pain everyday,
Don't they?
Am I going crazy, for remembering such
Fragile, but beautiful moments in my life?
Am I making a mistake,
Remembering these moments?
Moments that made me happy as hell,
Moments that made meforget the pain that 
Jewboy was causing me, the torment he put me through,
You grabbed my hand, and pulled me out,
Out of the endless pit,
The endless pit of hell.
Caleb I have no idea,
No idea how to pay you back,
For always being here for me,
Catching me when I fall,
Holding me close, and telling me that,
That everything was gonna be okay,
Even though you knew it wasn't gonna be,
Somehow you reassured me, and calmed me down.
Sticking up for me, oh how you were so brave,
Got in a fight with Jew boy, the day he started dating me,
Because you wated to date me,
Oh if I only knew then,
Knew what could have been,
But now it is oh so late,
And I am oh so scarred.
Caleb, never foreget I miss you
Dedicated To: CAZ