With Not A Dime

Written by: Jordan Dickinson

Footsteps take, one at a time-
Began my journey with not a dime-
Destination unknown, faithfully taken-
Even if my death not to heaven-
Glory in mind, riches I seek-
The way I take not wherein is meek-
Sail around the world shall find-
A treasure indeed we have in mind-
Kings and Queens I have with dined-
My castle walls with gold I’ve lined-
Alas, my journey ends by cold-
I have lived long and very old-
Many things wherein I’ve found-
Riches, not, like your voices sweet sound-
No one here to wish me peace-
Rights of family I have since leased-
Unto the hands of uncertain fate-
Now I die in a saddened state-
To never know what I would  own-
If desire of riches I had but thrown-

-Footsteps take, one at a time-
-Began my journey with not a dime-