The Choke - A True Story

Written by: Joe Flach

Sitting alone in the locker room
My eyes still filled with tears
As I choked in the championship
In my high school senior year

Winning the wrestling match
By a score of 8 to 2
Already thinking of the first place plaque
And with it what I would do

Only 15 seconds left to go
I’m already wearing the victory smile
The next thing that I am to know
I’m on my back counting ceiling tiles

Five victories in the book
And this match I am poised to win
Only 10 seconds left to go
If I can avoid having gotten pinned

With 2 seconds on the clock
The referee slaps the wrestling mat
Indicating that my opponent has
Held me for the count of 3 laying on my back

A life lesson was learned that day
You must stay focused until the very end
Or you’re apt to blow the championship
Like I did that day, my friend