Seven Tiny Candlesticks

Written by: tristen temple

As dear John would always say, there is a reason for all things and everything, serves it's purpose....
Remembering when we all first met during the winter of two thousand four; a poetic class at state
None of us had much knowledge nor experience in regards unto poetry or writing and yet fate had
Brought all of us together; tis kind of funny looking back now for we all shared one common thread
None of us wished to adhere unto the mundane it seemed and norm; radical became the days dawn
We were not willing to be dictated unto by anyone; to be chained amid their mass production lines....
Making a pact the very first day an understanding that seeking even the slightest of accolades was not
A desire nor option; keeping our eyes upon a much better prize an everlasting light, we began to write
Sarah loved her strawberry wine and Christopher was quite a dreamer; Rachel had a heart's obsession 
With pink and John well, he just wanted to get all of the dots right ? Haha, he sure love's his metaphors
Whereas Karistia upon the other hand was more of the free spirit and in time it was her beauty which
Began to touch us all; days and weeks and months passed and then came Jasper; dressed in black and
This ever glowing smile while, he'd take a drag from a marlboro red and quote the lyrics from a song....
...."Seven Tiny Candlesticks" 8