Nigeria, Now we know

Written by: Hassana Shuaibu

They stood on highly placed podiums
In densely packed stadiums
making promises,unwitting and false
and now we wait as tym slowly crawls

Now we see
the so called promise of a fatherland
smeared with cruelty and blood stained sand
treachery and fear of the dreaded boko haram
bringing tragedy,pandemonium and widespread alarm
tainting a religion of peace.noble islam
fanaticism some say;but terror is their way

now we hear 
the blood curdling screams
As we awaken from terror filled dreams
outcries of electorall rigging
from supressed political teams 
woeful tales in news broadcast
and we wonder,how long these will last

but now we know better
than to hear their sugar coated words
or to see their finely painted worlds
yes;now we know better