Written by: Alfred Emmanuel Brown

                                             Driven to war
As the horse is driven to the  streams so was I driven to war.
Hardship in my mother’s  house   drove  me to war of hunting for survival.
In my father’s  tent  where I was, you came and drove me to war.
The money offered;  forced me to kill in the war that I never intended to fight
Papers  obtained with hardship  that are wasting  in my hands;  drove  me to war.
Driven to war is  driven to sudden death; and  driven to exile is  driven to untold  hardship.
My quest for justices and  fairness in sharing of  the cake  drove me to war.
I became like a woman approaching menopause that is yet to marry;
That is  driven into a  war of hanging out  with  married men.
War everywhere !  war everywhere! ……,
Who cares what is driven me to  war?
Hands of  the greed  has  driven peace and love  into  an exile, and war has  suddenly taken her  root down into   the soil of human mind.

Everything in life has suddenly becomes  a war,  many are driven into spiritual war,  physical war and battles of unknown, just to make a different in life.
There is no one  left out of war, we all are driven to war.
In my  exile, I heard of various  wars  and murdering  in my father’s land,
War to obtain  bright future in  exile, seems  difficult as the finger of war spread across nations. 
Which  kingdom war does not exist?
The kingdom of Jesus that shall come shortly.  
  Written by
Pastor Emmanuel Brown Omojevwe