I Come From The Heart

Written by: Kaunda Salimu

From The Heart I Came....
When this poem was in 
its rawest form
Before the hand started 
The mind was bossing 
and boasting
That I originated there 
but I know
From the Heart I came....
Like blood running 
through the veins 
to give life to living blood 
I am an expression but 
not like a math equation
I am most oftenly 
directed at family and 
friends and most 
importantly God
Him Who is true Goodness
I am a recognition of the 
value of kindness
Yes. Without that very 
strong affection I can not 
I told the mind that when 
I come from you I am not 
If I come from the mind 
then I'm as fake as the 
word fake itself 
I am rarely used. When I 
am used, 
I release the heavy feeling 
of pride. Because;
I come from the Heart.....