The Pride Of The Bhoys

Written by: denis bruce

Known they are as the Lisbon Lions
But  of  the West of Scotland were they scions.
Etched in history is their name
Because of that  1967 game.

Immortality upon them is endowed
As they made their fans so proud.
But as the years do move on
So are we left with fewer sons.

One such by the name of McBride
Recently passed  to the other side.
A centreforward of great repute
He could score with head or either foot.

Such a joy was he to watch
It made you so  proud to be Scotch.
Yet all his roots dated back to Eire
Than which land none is fairer.

As a boy he grew up in Govan
Where the once proud Rangers' writ did run
However,because of their sectarian divide
He could not be signed by his  local side.

He plied his trade skilfully and well
As every team he played for can proudly tell
He showed goalscoring was his great art
 And his teamwork played a major part

When he finally joined them  in the East End
He was destined to become a true legend
His goals set him in a world apart
And he played for Celtic with all his heart.

Although he played not in the European final
His contribution till Christmas that season was vital
With goals galore and impressive teamwork
He was a model player who would never shirk.

And so the crowning glory of his team
Without his contribution would not have been
As a man who never lost the common touch
He remains in our memories  loved so much.