A Dark Tale

Written by: William Hughes

He walks alone with rain pounding on his head
Blood lust in his eyes, his heart is dead
He walks slowly though the night
Each step illuminated by a lightning strike
A woman looks out the window of her dorm
In fear of the violence in the storm
Lightning illuminates the sky
And a dark figure catches her eye
Opening her door she walks down stairs
Exiting the building, she's immensely scared
But for some reason she feels she must approach
That dark figure, the man drenched and soaked
He watches her approach with lifeless eyes
Right between the two, lightning strikes from the sky
Then an unknown emotion flickers on his face
He grabs her and gives her lips a quick taste
Then he smiles and holds her by his side
Seemingly in a trance by her grey eyes
Together they continue to walk
Its not long before they vanish in the dark
They say love tames and i think this was a case
Where his blood lust was overpowered by her sweet taste
The power of love is extremely strong
But i think love was also the reason that he first went wrong