The Greatest Robbery

Written by: Nikita Lempadi

A very common and gruesome kind is a robbery
With the plunder in a grave at the cemetery
When the robbed mourn for the robber
Instead of baying for his blood they cry 
for she is no more
And now they are gathered to pay last respects
To the loved one the greatest robber
In that day lamenting and mourning
For the fruit which has been plucked out
Forever removed from the garden of the future
What was meant to be was never to be
As the ground has been made barren
And with the seed in its sprouting dried and dead

The fruit that was to heal many
And cause light to dawn in their darkness
Was never to be harvested
But in its embryonic stage was located beyond
Never to be found and never to be
For our sun set and our moon withdrew herself
And in the fullest flowering of an insane modus operandi
Coming to a shuddering crescendo of an appalling crime
Of thoughtless robbery,
Withholding her light she left us groping
And in darkness we stumbled
For our loved one in committing suicide
She robbed the world
Our loved one the greatest robber

Why have you become barren
And refusing to bear the fruit
Why is your lamp off
And refusing to give the light
Why tell me why 
Why do we rob the world