Dribblin' Betty

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

Qualified for the finals of the basketball tourney
The star of the team traveled an incredible journey
to play in these momentous  games

A foreign exchange student from the Serengeti
was a twelve foot giraffe named Dribblin’ Betty
she wasn’t used to fame…

On her first day of school she cringed from stares
a brown-spotted gal sat alone in her chair…

she stood out like a sore thumb
team sports she shied away from…

“I miss home,” she said

 then headed off for gym

A power forward at the top of her game
made a full court shot without much aim…

the gym teacher’s mouth

 Dribbling Betty could help his team score!  

A new secret weapon for the girls’ basketball team
winning a championship was the coach's greatest dream…

The new point guard with no hands
Betty energized the home crowd from the stands…

They made homemade signs 
and stood in l-o-n-g  l-i-n-e-s
purchasing tickets to her games...

Her uniqueness brought her fame and glory
a Serengeti girl was now the leading role in this story

with thirty seconds left in the championship game
a hook shot missed and rolled down her mane

“Look! The queen of rebounds now has the ball!
Upon her shoulders the burden will fall
to run the clock and make the winning shot!

She’s the best chance this team has got!”


The buzzer rang with a blaring sound

the MVP was officially crowned 

Betty’s ball twirled inside the metal hoop


her new life

in the town


Loop De’ Loop

Gwendolen R.