Written by: M. E. Hathcock

Trying to keep it busy
My mind keeps on thinking
Walking down an endless hallway
Door after door is all I see
Close my eyes and take my pick
Open a door to mirrored room
Blank stares become an evil glare
Touch a mirror and it ripples like water
Door slams shut and the mirrors begin to flow
A crashing sound I can hardly bare
Reach for the door but it is gone
Reflections laughing through the broken glass
With water rising and no way out
Take a shard of glass to dig through the wall
Digging and scraping cutting through my hands
Reflections laughing louder through all my struggle
Blood in the water with which they feed
Through the bleeding and pain continue digging through the wall
Penetrating through the wall with one last gasp
The pressure of water forces the wall to crumble
Spilling into the hallway with different doors to choose