Letter to 88 Stop

Written by: John Laurino

Yesterday evening  broke brains so I wanted to assemble expressions of consolation. All the beauty of the words, every word, from submarine to wheat fields and Long Island cocktails, kissed skies by Jimmy, blue, yellow and why not pinky black, snow, wine and vanity. From excuse me dear to goodbye I hate you, from hopeless dreams to aquarium memories, from nowhere, ahh so beautiful nowhere, favorite things of Coltrane at the sundown Madalena’s  landscape, world and science, runner poets, fisherman, poetry-man, fishing meanings in the non-sense ocean of spirits. Flowers not to be forgotten,   hundreds and freedom too. From wishes to shadow, from shame to joy, short word but important too. Walkers these verbs, blood in our papers, I hope this helps, my friend, ancestors, from Iberia. Thank you again to put all these words together, somewhere near nowhere 88.