Positive Thinking

Written by: Deborah Price

In the dark recesses of my mind,
The truth I seek and so I find,
Piece by piece. a knowledge lost,
A knowledge hidden, at what cost?
Born with this, but diminished now,
But bring it back I will somehow,
All you need to know, lives within,
Before we were burdened with lies and sin.

Quiet your mind and listen to your soul,
It’s contains all you need to make you whole,
Dissatisfaction clears away,
And now you look at each new day,
With brand new eyes and sometimes awe,
So many wonders you didn’t see before,
And gratitude and smiles abound,
Because you’re true self you have found.

The birds and bees and Trees look brighter,
Your heart and soul is so much lighter,
Seasons come and seasons go,
And in your heart you’ll always know,
A little difference you can make,
No matter how small, when you’re awake.

If you greet the day with a smile so bright,
Others around you will catch the light,
And pass it on like a butterfly effect,
With heads held high and shoulders erect,
Changing a day with one small gesture,
And laughing away things that are sent to test you.