Littlest Angel


My littlest angel as I watch you sleep. 
I hold back the tears as you count sheep. 
So sweet in slumber I stroke your brow, 
I wonder to myself what should I do now?
The doctor's orders the therapy and braces, 
Just once I wish I could wipe the pity from their faces. 
No seizures, no stiff muscles, no difficult speech. 
I only wish it was within your reach. 

But for now I pray for God's divine light, 
For the strength you need to battle this fight. 
In the darkness I can hide the tears, 
The sorrow lay open, no one leers. 

If I could go back and change your birth, 
I’d make you whole for what it's worth. 
I kiss your soft cheek before I go, 
Whispering I love you, praying you’ll always know.