Written by: kerry singleton

 I lost my courage and this is how it goes
 i call your name then i wake
 another dream, i feel you, i hold you, i talk to you 
 you are there you are real but i don't see you
 another sleepless night, the moon is full
 as i lay clutching my pillow, i feel the tears flow
 and memories of you i piece together 
 like a puzzle this is what my life has become
 afraid of moving on, i don't want to loose my dreams of you
 my courage to except and to let go i cant find
 my soul is searching for answers
 mountains i have moved in my dreams rivers i have crossed, 
 but still i don't see you
 i am weak and tired, finding a way to find my courage 
 so i can sleep at night, i know i have to let go 
 but until i do i will feel you, hold you, talk to you, but never will i see you...